Laetitia au fil des mots

Laetitia au fil des mots

Hostages in mexico Oliver Tschumi and Rodolfo Cazares need you

And if you leave a day abroad and that you don't come back ?

Two countries: France and Switzerland, two stories, two families cut from one of their member and a common country: Mexico.




Rodolfo Cázares, leader of the orchestra, franco-mexican, has been removed the July 9, 2011, at the home of his parents, in the city of Matamoros on the Texas border. In the night of 8 to July 9, 2011, six armed and hooded men broke into the family home in the middle of the night, while he was staying with his wife Ludivine Barbier-Cázares and its children.

In total, 18 members of his family have been kidnapped. After three days of confinement, the women and the children are released. A ransom of $100,000 is required, and paid. A proof of life is as follows, then, nothing more ...

 Rodolfo Cázares Solis  



Of Swiss origin, Olivier Tschumi, shopkeeper, established in Mexico for 20 years, was kidnapped in a forest in Cuernavaca by a gang of drug traffickers on the morning of December 19, 2010 while he was making his jogging with her two dogs. 

A ransom of $ 10 '000 was filed on 20 December, depending on the orders of the kidnappers and Olivier has not been released as expected, no more trace since, more than a single sign of the kidnappers.

Today, his sister, Frédérique Santal, is fighting on a daily basis to trace the whereabouts of his brother disappeared.

Olivier Tschumi

Olivier Tschumi and Rodolfo Cazáres, two men, two families, whose destiny switches a day to sink into the hell.
The hell of the Mexican reality, of the drug cartels and organized crime.
The hell of doubt, of ignorance, of research and vain of silence.
Silence of the French and Swiss authorities which Ludivine Barbier-Cazáres and Frederique Santal face each day.

The cases are in progress according to the authorities, they are hear, trying to reassure them, but nothing moves.

Before this wall of silence, the two women and their families to join together to fight and search in vain for the tracks that would lead them to Olivier and Rodolfo.
Each day that passes is a day of too, a hope for less, an ordeal through which they are going.

Support groups are created, the events and concerts were held, the petitions are put in place (see links at the end of article), to ask the new Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to do everything in his power to move these two cases and to demand the release of the hostages if they are always in life.
The hearings to the presidents of the two countries are requested, but all this is not enough.

Hostages of world, broder for peace and other associations or ONG are mobilizing to these two causes, but Rodolfo and Olivier have need that all are mobilizing for them.

Frédérique Santal and Ludivine Barber Cazares, with Javier Sicilia (poet, novelist and journalist mexican)

Rodolfo and Olivier are fathers, husbands, sons or friends just like you! today more than ever, they need you, for your support, your mobilization to break down the walls of silence which the surround them and their families.
These families have a right to know if these two men are alive or not, they have the right to ask for an account and that justice is done.

And if it was you?

Each of you has today the duty to act. The press has a duty to relaying these affairs, of the mediate.
The television channels, and all media should give the information!

We have a duty to share these stories, and to condemn what is happening in

Albert Einstein said: "The world will not be destroyed by those who do
evil, but by those who are watching and doing nothing".

Do not remain without doing anything! Alert your friends, your families, your
colleagues, and all the relationships you can have.

Educate your members, your ministers!

Relayed in the media, groups, blogs!

Break the wall of silence! together !

Here is a video made by Annie Hertzog:


To support Rodolfo and Olivier on facebook, join support groups :




To act and sign the petitions in order to obtain their release :



And if you leave a day abroad and that you don't come back ?

Laetitia P.

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